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Please note: All Hickory Hollow novels are stand-alone and can be read in any order. Some characters do make appearances across books, so there may be some very minor spoilers if read out of order of publication.

Stand Alone Books (not connected to a series)

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eBook Drunk on a Plane.jpg
Drunk on a Plane

​Those little bottles of airplane liquor add up fast. Eric Caretti discovers this while drowning his relief on the way to his destination wedding. Alone. Sort of. He hadn't counted on his cheating ex-bride-to-be's (bride-to-have-been's?) cousin being there to help get his drunk self to the cruise ship.

Megan Prescott jumps at the chance to photograph her cousin’s cruise wedding. It's the perfect opportunity to build her travel portfolio… and put some distance between her and her anxious, controlling mother. The last thing she expects is to spend ten days at sea with her cousin's jilted groom.

Megan and Eric reluctantly spend their days together, swimming with dolphins, exploring Mayan ruins, and becoming friends.

Just friends.

Because anything more would be inappropriate.


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Caller Number Nine eBook.jpg
Caller Number Nine

When workaholic veterinarian Margo Lewis wins a radio call in contest for a weeklong glamping vacation at picturesque Hickory Hollow Campground, she convinces herself to relax and enjoy it.

Emphasis on relax.

She arrives at the campground and discovers her next-door-neighbor for the week is none other than Connor Anderson, the selfish jerk who smashed her heart back in high school.

Not relaxing.

Her entire family shows up at the campground as a "surprise." Margo hates surprises.

Not relaxing at all.

Oh yeah, and Margo's stepmom invited Margo's ex-fiancé in the hopes of getting them back together.

Dream vacation? More like a nightmare.


Still reeling from his brother's death, Conner Anderson takes winning a camping vacation as a good sign. He can hardly believe his good fortune when his neighbor turns out to be his first love.

He's been waiting years to apologize.

All he has to do is wade through her family and her ex-fiancé.

Oh yeah, and make up for a decade of unresolved hurt.

But Connor has a secret weapon.


Getting Margo to fall in love with his Labrador is easy. Getting her to fall in love – or at least fall out of dislike – with him is going to be a lot harder.

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BND ebook.jpg
The Boy Next Door

She's chasing the spotlight. He's running from it.

Minor local celebrity Kim Donahue has built her own lifestyle channel online, but she dreams of becoming a Home Network star. She has two priorities in life: raising her grieving fourteen-year-old nephew and making her dream come true. A misdirected package has her knocking on the new neighbor's door… only to have it slammed in her face. Literally. Kim doesn't care how ridiculously hot he is – he's a jerk and she doesn't have time for his nonsense.

Daystar Rising superstar Nate Sanders enjoyed his fame right up until the moment a crazed fan nearly ended his life. Running as far from Hollywood as he can get, he lands in a little town where nobody knows his name. He has one priority in life: to be left alone. So he might have overreacted when his new neighbor knocked on his door. Good thing he's not trying to make friends.

When Kim's nephew runs away and Nate brings him back to her, they form a friendship that has the potential to be much more.

But how can it work when Hollywood is her dream...

and his nightmare?

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Luck of the Draw eBook cover.jpg
Luck of the Draw

Tiger attack. Zombie apocalypse. Root canal with gum scraping.

​As far as Sarah Winchester is concerned, all of those are better options than getting roped into the Hickory Hollow Ladies’ Society’s annual Love Drawing. No way she's participating in that hot mess. When the Society’s meddling president drops Sarah’s name into the drawing box anyway, Sarah can’t imagine anything worse. Until she “coincidentally” gets partnered with Rowan, who still carries a grudge from when she backed over his mailbox. It was an accident, okay??

​Rowan Graham has lost everyone he’s ever cared about, except his great-aunt Millie. He’d do anything for her, even if it means gritting his teeth and suffering through her club's ridiculous Valentine's Day Ball and Love Drawing. Maybe it won't be so bad. Until he realizes the last woman standing is the one he least wants to be partnered with. Yeah, her. This isn't going to be bad, it's going to be awful. It was a Brand. New. Mailbox, okay??


Sarah and Rowan agree on one thing – those sweet little old ladies totally rigged the drawing. Even though the Ladies’ Society swears it was the luck of the draw.

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Cat Burglar eBook.jpg
Cat Burglar

Avery Hannigan moved home and saved her family's business. Her reward? A slap in the face when it's handed to her brother. Oh yeah, the patriarchy is real. The Worst Day Ever gets worse when a thief breaks into her apartment and steals her unmentionables. Not just any ordinary thief. A cat. Oh, no, this furry criminal will not get away with her favorite bra.

Alex Myers can't believe his cat is being accused of burgling the neighbor’s apartment, but it's hard to deny the hot pink evidence. Could this get any more awkward? Oh, yes, it could. His mother walks in and assumes they’re dating. Worse, she impulsively invites Avery to their family's annual beach vacation. Thanks, Mom.

Somewhere between cat burglary, career talk, and discovering a mutual—and fanatical—love of baseball, Alex realizes the cat did him a favor by stealing Avery’s bra. Now Alex wants to steal her heart. Things quickly escalate from the awkward meetup to an all-out wild chase, with the cat leading the way.

Can Alex and Avery get past the drama to become more than neighbors, or should their budding relationship be tossed out like yesterday's litter?

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Mending Fences ebook.jpg
Mending Fences

Getting the white picket fence isn't the end of the story.

Chandler has her fairy tale happily ever after. House in the country, two kids, white picket fence, the whole nine. It hasn't always been easy, but her marriage has weathered every storm that's come their way. Until a Category 5 in the form of a vindictive mother-in-law roars through and leaves a trail of lies, misunderstandings, and broken trust in her wake.

A raging summer storm destroyed part of their fence outside, even as Oren's mother wreaked havoc inside. Oren would give anything just to have everyone get along, but when Chandler shores up her boundaries, he finds himself on the outside looking in.

A hammer and nails will fix the broken fence, but do they have the right tools to fix their marriage?

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the Bucket List ebook COVER.jpg
The Bucket List

17 months, 3 weeks, and 4 days. That's how long I've been crushing on Del, the cute IT guy down the hall. We've bonded over 80s music and Seinfeld references our younger-than-GenX coworkers don't quite appreciate. I'm pretty sure if I asked him out, there's a good chance he'd say yes. Just one problem. I don't take chances. I'm naturally risk-averse.
Okay, fine, let's call it like it is. I'm boring.
When our company hands out the worst employee appreciation gifts ever – leatherbound bucket list journals – I'm faced with just how deep my boringness runs. Trust me, it’s deep.
It's so deep that after a week, the only item on my bucket list is to buy a scratch-off ticket. When this leads to Del and I sharing a modest lottery jackpot, I'm inspired to make a list for real, and inch my way outside of my comfort zone.

But is Del willing to wait around while I figure out how to live a little, or are inside jokes and an office crush all we'll ever have?


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