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I began my writing career at age three, when, still lacking the dexterity to form recognizable letters, I dictated a riveting tale to my transcriptionist, AKA Mom. "A Frog Named Tog" rocketed to #1 in the family, but did not garner international acclaim. It did, however, serve as an early clue that writing would be a lifelong journey.

Since then, I spent approximately fifteen years as a columnist for a local weekly newspaper, writing "slice of life" type articles. I also frequently write articles for a local non-profit.

I love writing contemporary small town romance novels, and I write short stories in any genre imaginable, including the weird and creepy. My settings are many places I've visited and my hometown, all thrown into a blender and poured out into the place I would most love to live. My characters are people I know, would like to know, or would like to avoid.

I live in beautiful central Pennsylvania with my family and our spoiled pets.

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